Arif Ahmed

CSE 421 | Artificial Intelligence

Summer 2019 (Metropolitan University)

Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

Stuart Russell (Author), Peter Norvig (Author)

Instructor: Arif Ahmed

arif-cse AT metrouni DOT edu DOT bd

Grade Distribution
Class Participation 10%
Reading Assignment & Paper Reviews 15%
Paper Presentations(NIPS) 25%
Class Test 10%
Final(Written) 40%

Reading Assignments and Paper Reviews

Students will be required to read a paper from the list and submit a brief review of that paper to the instructor by afternoon (4:00 pm) before the viva. The review should summarize the main idea and contributions of the paper ,describe the major experimental results, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. The students are also encouraged to check the follow-up works on the topic of the assigned paper (e.g., search the 3 latest papers that cite the assigned paper), summarize the state-of-the-art methods and results, and discuss their limitations and possible future research directions.

Paper Presentations

Each student will be required to present one research paper(student can present reading assignment paper) over the semester. Each presenter should prepare slides for a 20-30 minutes talk on the paper. Slides for the talk must be emailed to the instructor by midnight (12:00am) before the presentation. The talk should clearly address the following points:
1. motivation and problem statement;
2. related work;
3. methodology;
4. experiments;
5. conclusions; and
6. discussions.
The presenter will need to lead another 10 minutes discussion during or after the talk. The presenter should prepare discussion questions that lead to a deeper analysis of the paper’s content, strengths, weaknesses, and future works.

CSE 422 | Artificial Intelligence Lab

Grade Distribution
Class Participation 15%
Logic Programming (Prolog) 15%
Research Project 60%
Report (using LaTeX) 10%

Research Project

Students are required to work on an individual or group (no more than two students) research project on artificial intelligence over the semester. Research project will be evaluated based on the novelty, efforts, technical soundness, presentations, and the quality of final report